A Pet Project

CBD is everywhere, but this project was challenging as our target audience walked on four legs. Not only did we have to market these new products, but we also had to run the entire distribution and sales channels, from the warehouse, straight to Fido's bowl.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Our solution was simple, really. Along with designing the perfect marketing campaign to target pet owners we built an e-commerce strategy that successfully focused growing customer loyalty. Today MediPets is an award-winning brand loved by pet owners — and their pets — everywhere.

New products need new ideas. MediPets Pet Spray was something the CBD market had never seen before and it challenged us to really push the boundaries on how we market and design in this space. But the results were fantastic and informed our future projects.

MediPets was a project that required an "all-hands-on-deck" approach, with everyone from designers to marketers to writers really coming together to make this brand shine and help its identity formulate. And the results are, if we don't mind saying, out of this world. Because when you take a multidisciplinary approach to these things, anything can happen.

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