Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Beyond a gimmick, everyone is on a quest for what’s next to propel them ahead of the competition. At CPL, we have curated a team of the best thinkers spanning key industries, in order to monitor current trends on the cutting edge of the marketing and technology sectors, and ensure your business always has the competitive advantage.

AR, VR, MR: All Under One Roof

AR, VR, MR: Under One Roof

At CPL, our team can augment your business with the latest cutting edge technologies. Our augmented reality services allow you to add virtual elements to the world around you, transforming the way you do business, and elevating your brand to new heights. The targeted delivery of interactive experiences enhance the real world -- and your products and services -- through computer-generated perceptual information. 

Bridging the Digital and Physical Landscapes

Bridging the Digital and Physical Landscapes

Despite today's ever-changing technological advancements, acquiring and mastering new tech has never been easier for your company. Our team will implement the proper systems and show you how to revolutionize your business from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, placing all of the control in the palm of your hand.

A New Marketing Reality

A New Marketing Reality

At CPL, our team excels at customizing our AR capabilities for all your business needs. From showcasing your real estate portfolios to planning an efficient warehouse layout, and even testing out color palettes, our team will work with you to leverage the latest technologies for your brand.

Our Capabilities

Powerful augmented reality services to immerse audiences in experiencing your business firsthand. 


Merging real and virtual world experiences can establish a connection between your customer and your products. 


Create virtual simulations to showcase your unique products and services. 


Provide an innovative way to show off your products by merging virtual images and information with the surrounding environment.


Explore various products that will create an immersive experience for marketing your business.


Create fun and interactive experiences that connect your business to consumers. 


Engage the digital world with apps that integrate digital visual content into the real world, immersing consumers in your brand identity.  


Give your audience the ability to interact with your brand using devices operated by simple hand gestures.

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