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Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Business Across Different Channels

The landscape of digital marketing is undergoing an evolution. It’s not enough anymore to use a single social media marketing strategy and expect Facebook ads to boost your business. Modern marketing encompasses all forms of content marketing, but this doesn’t mean you have to delete Facebook and start from scratch. There are strategies you can take to boost your existing campaigns and even launch some new ones.

The key is to use different marketing channels to generate leads and grow your business. It might sound a bit overwhelming right now, but that’s why we’re here to help. Creative Propulsion Labs understands the on-going evolution of content marketing. We help our clients take a consumer-centric approach to marketing across different channels, such as social media, email, and blogging in order to grow their business organically.

We put together a helpful list of our top 10 tips for growing your business through different channels to help propel your business to the next level:

1. Streamline your marketing message into one simple message.

Consumers are bombarded with millions upon millions of messages online every day. Don’t get lost in all the noise. Simplify your campaign into one simple message that will stick in your customer’s mind. Make it easy to remember and even easier to act on. The trick is to inspire the user to take action through different channels, whether that’s visiting your website, following you on Insta, or joining your mailing list. 

> Insider Tip: Pick one marketing message and use it consistently across all your marketing channels. Just like a slogan, you want people to remember this message and, ultimately, your business.

2. Include user-generated content in ad campaigns.

Influencer marketing is getting bigger and bigger, and you can tap into it by encouraging your consumers to interact with you on social media. But go beyond asking for a review. Encourage customers to share their experiences with hashtags, themed photo contests, or other promotions. You can use these interactions later in advertisements or other content marketing campaigns to further grow your business.

3.  Revamp your email marketing campaigns to grow your business.

With a new streamlined message and some fresh user-generated content, you can revamp your email marketing campaigns to reach your target audience. Content marketing is all about having conversations with your consumers, participating in their lifestyles, and truly understanding their needs. So when you design an email campaign with your consumers’ needs in mind and include content from your other marketing channels, you create a unique space right in their inbox where you both connect and keep the conversation going. 

4. Keep the conversation alive with conversational commerce.

Social media and emails aren’t the only places you can talk to your customers. Live chat services built right into your website go well beyond a customer service tool and open up a whole new channel for connecting with consumers. Live chat means you’re available and present in your customer’s life, creating a deep connection that can circulate into all of your marketing channels.

5. Use live webinars to connect with an audience in real-time.

In this digital world, nothing beats a face-to-face connection. Encourage customers to engage with you in real-time by hosting a live webinar, which is namely just an “online talk” where you present on a topic relevant to your business and/or your consumers’ interests. What’s more is these webinars establish you as an expert in your business, creating a level of trust that will help you grow your business organically. 

> Insider Tip: Pick a compelling topic for your next webinar and enhance the experience by inviting guest speakers, adding additional video content, or even encouraging a live Q&A afterward. 

6. Make yourself available across different marketing channels with guest blogging.

Having an online presence is more than just using social media and leaving a few likes on Instagram. Make yourself available to the media conversation by going beyond your traditional marketing channels. Consider writing a guest blog post that you can share with your network. Offer up your insight, share your social responsibility, or further establish yourself as an expert with relevant new research in order to build trust among existing customers and attract new ones.

7. Openly talk about your role in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Forbes reported earlier this year that social responsibility is rooted in the corporate sector now more than ever. Businesses big and small are all experiencing the benefits of giving back to society, and growing your business in 2019 and beyond will involve some level of social engagement. So start talking about it! Start sharing your experiences with and impact on social and humanitarian issues across all of your marketing channels, and consider developing campaigns dedicated solely to CSR.

8. Attend networking events with other entrepreneurs.

Growing your business isn’t just about customers, it’s about you, too! And the best way to learn about running a business is to network with other entrepreneurs doing the same thing. Networking events are a great way to solidify your reputation and learn something new at the same time. These events can also provide you with B2B marketing opportunities that can open your business up to new platforms, new blogs to guest post on, and potential new business partners.

9. Leverage outside platforms, including global platforms.

Depending on who you meet at these networking events, you may have the opportunity to leverage your business and marketing expertise on different platforms. Amazon and eBay are often the most obvious global platforms business owners think of but consider your niche and your consumer. Other, more local platforms may be more intuitive and address their needs better, and you may find that partnering with another small business platform focused on the same channels as your own marketing strategy helps your business grow more organically than a corporate giant.

10. Create unique customer loyalty programs.

Last but definitely not least, you can grow your business through different channels by creating unique customer loyalty programs. These programs are designed to reward your customers for either shopping with you, signing up for a newsletter, or participating with you on Instagram or Facebook. It’s not only a way to connect and be more personal, but it’s also the easiest way to thank your customers for sticking with you. You never want to take them for granted, and customer loyalty programs will remind your consumers that you appreciate everything they do for you and your business.

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